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Hard & Soft Landscaping

Whether you are contemplating soft landscaping old areas of tarmac, or thinking about providing more car parks or footpaths our ability to conceive and detail the new levels and surfaces will ensure that the end result is attractive, effective and properly drained.

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Our Landscape Architects have four dimensional vision and wide experience of the particular requirements of schools, combined with the ability to negotiate successfully with the Local Authority.

Improved Access or Car Parks

Increasing numbers of car movements conflict with the need for safe perimeters for School buildings. These require experienced and detailed knowledge of hard landscape planning to achieve the best balance of safety and ease for drop-off and collection.

We have the track record and experience to demonstrate how traffic-clogged areas can be re-planned to cater for modern requirements.

Space Audits

Are you under pressure to build new facilities? Before you do are you sure that the requirements cannot be met within your existing buildings by removing a wall or expanding through a window?

We are able to carry out a full survey of the existing buildings and faculties to advise how additional space may be created to avoid the expense of New Build.

Sewerage Systems

Is your system overloaded or frequently giving cause for concern? We can advise on repairs or improvements to your existing system, or pumped disposal over long distances to remedy the problem once and for all.

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